Developing the logo...

We knew that colour would help set the vibrant, friendly tone we’d established with the name, and liked the idea of using retro fonts and
design elements.

The letters that made up ‘Hoi Polloi’, and their repetition, would be crucial in developing the design, as the shapes lent themselves to a
typographical approach.

The client was presented with a wide variety of logos as a starting point to help them focus on what kind of look and feel seemed right to them.

We agreed that the ‘hands in the air’ feature perfectly represented the mood of the night. The viewpoint gives the feel of being in the crowd and the middle of the atmosphere. This was proved in research
with clubbers -

‘Look, that one’s my hand! I do that when I dance’

‘It looks like mine and Julie’s hands’

It worked well as a silhouette, which gave flexibility for it to be placed on any background, over images, and as a lightbox in the club.

But both we and the client loved the font used in another of the logos, and wanted to investigate using a symbol, so we took the development to
a second stage.

Stage 1.

Stage 2.


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