The brief

To create a name and brand identity for the next big house night in South London, attracting 18-25s looking for a fun night out with like-minded people.

Getting started

To design a brand that appeared real and credible, we worked closely with the client, evaluating competitor brands as well as logos from other industries, to get a feel for what the client valued in design.

Finding the name...

We knew that as word-of-mouth is crucial when launching a new club night that we needed a catchy name that sounded great when spoken. Based on the brand values we’d created - fun, togetherness, colour - we gave the client a selection of potential names with our recommendations:

Square One: Great potential to use it with a simple play on words (“back to square one”), as well as scope with the logo, with ‘square’ and ‘1’.

Float: An emotive name that paints a friendly and happy picture, and works well with the client’s preferred retro fonts.

Tickled Pink: The most commercial-sounding

option, typical of the house-night style, cheeky and appealing without working too hard. A colour as part of the name helps create a strong brand, whilst use of a well-known phrase is memorable.

Hoi Polloi: A name which works beautifully both on paper and when spoken. The shape of the word and the repeated letters work brilliantly with a variety of fonts, making it flexible. The informal feel suggests a friendly, collaborative night (the literal translation is ‘the many’).

House & Home: This name ‘does what it says on the tin’, and is an inviting name that suggests a loyal group of regulars.

Shake: This name will work really well with a retro logo design in bright colours. It conveys energy and fun and could make a dynamic logo with lots of ‘movement’ in it.

The decision

The client agreed with our recommendation of Hoi Polloi, which met all the requirements - phonetically memorable, with an element of self-deprecation, it was unpretentious and inclusive - exactly what we were trying to achieve.

Hoi Polloi


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